Application for Appointment and Reappointment may be obtained by contacting our office or download the application below:

Application for Notary State at Large


  1. Print or type the name as it is to appear on the Certificate of Appointment, it must match signature and bond.
  2. Date of birth including year.
  3. Daytime phone number.
  4. Home address where your written notice of appointment will be mailed.
  5. County of Commission – if a Kentucky resident, this is the county where the applicant resides or is principally employed.  For an applicant that is not a Kentucky resident, but is employed in Kentucky, this is the county in which he or she is principally employed.
  6. Check new appointment or reappointment – if reappointment, list current expiration date.  If previously a notary public and your commission has expired, please check reappointment.
  7. Certificate of Approval – must be signed by one of the listed officials BEFORE mailing to the Notary Commission – the county of the official signature should match the county listed on line 5.
  8. Please remember to sign the application – the application is not complete until signed and it must match name listed on line 1.

Mail completed applications to along with the fee of $10.00 (payable to the Kentucky State Treasurer) to:

Notary Commission
PO Box 821
Frankfort, KY 40602-0821

After the application has been processed by the Secretary of State your application for appointment will be mailed to the county clerk in the county of commission.  At the same time the Secretary of State will mail the applicant a written notice to the applicant stating the Certificate of Appointment can be obtained from the county clerk’s office.  You will have thirty (30) days to go to the county clerk’s office to obtain your Certificate of Appointment.

Requirements for the appointment/reappointment:

  1. Post bond;
  2. Take the Oath of Office;
  3. File and record your commission in the office of the County Clerk.  The filing fee for the appointment is $19.00.